Five Ways Google Ads Can Boost Your E-Commerce

Most e-commerce companies are familiar with Google Ads. It can be challenging to use this tool correctly to maximize sales.

If you’re looking to boost your e-commerce sales, Google Ads is a great way to go. You can target users based on their location, interests, or behavioral data. Plus, you have the option to run ads on Google Search and across different platforms. As a Denver marketing agency, we can help you get started with Google Ads and make sure your campaigns are optimized for success.

This article will cover 5 tips that can help you increase your e-commerce sales with Google Ads.

1. Google Shopping Ads

Google Shopping Ads can be a powerful tool to increase sales. You will need a Google Merchant account to set them up.

You can create a Google Shopping plugin or a product feed from your account.

Google will display products in this feed to users based on the keywords they search. You can’t select the keywords you want to target, but Google will automatically do this based on its data.

This feature allows you to market directly to customers looking to purchase your products. This will increase your chances of generating clicks and ultimately, a greater chance of making a sale.

2. Remarketing is a great option

Remarketing is another powerful Ad tool that can help you increase e-commerce conversions. It allows you to establish a long-lasting relationship with your customers.

Once they leave your site, users are quick to forget all about your brand. This is especially true when users surf the internet and find many products/services.

Remarketing allows you to market to users using creative ads, and build your brand over time. This increases the likelihood that customers will return to your site when they can purchase.

It’s easy to set up remarketing. Installing a remarketing label on your website’s relevant pages is all you need.

3. Use Numbers and Symbols in your Ads

Although this tip might seem obvious, it is so common that it deserves an honorable mention on our list.

The trend of using symbols and numbers in headlines to your content has been much talked about. This is also true for your ad copy.

Because numbers in the text are easy to organize, our brains naturally gravitate to them. These numbers add substance to your ads and promise something specific.

4. Use social annotations

Social annotations are added to your ads and display information about potential customers such as how many followers you have on Google+. This feature can be added to your ads for free, but it may increase the appeal of your ads to potential customers.

Your social media followers will show your customers that you can be trusted. This is especially important for businesses that are active users of Google+ and have a large social media following.

You must have a verified Google+ page and at least 100 followers to enable social annotations to be added to your Google ads. These annotations will automatically appear on your ads if you meet the requirements.

5. Configure Conversion Tracking

Tracking is the last tip to using Google Ads for e-commerce sales growth.

Conversion tracking lets you track the conversions of your online store. You can link these data back to the keywords, ads and campaigns your customers responded to before purchasing.

This will allow you to identify which ads bring in the most sales, and then adapt your strategy accordingly. You can also see which ads are not performing well and adjust them accordingly.

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