Writing Guidelines

• We do not have a minimum or maximum word count; rather than focusing on hitting numbers, we prefer that you concentrate on crafting really valuable content in which every word counts. Your contribution needs to be completely original and should not have been posted anywhere else.

• Refrain from making the post sound too promotional overall. You are permitted to include a link to one of your websites in the author bio section, in addition to the one link that can be included in the main body of the post itself.

• It would be greatly appreciated if you could locate a way to link to one of our earlier blog posts. This would be a huge plus!

• Whenever you include a quote, study, or piece of data, you should always link back to its source.

• Separate your post into various sections using subheadings, and make sure that you conclude it with a conclusion that summarizes the most important points that you’ve discussed in your post.

• You should only include images or GIFs in your post if you are going to use them as examples to prove a point.

• The titles of your posts are important; come up with at least three distinct possibilities for each one.

Guidelines For Your Tone Of Voice

We want our content to communicate with our audience in the most effective manner possible. It is recommended that you read a few of our blog posts to get a sense of the overall tone of the blog. You’ll be able to tell from our tone that:

• Authoritative and self-assured, without ever displaying arrogance

• Comparable to the advice of a reliable friend or confidant who has been in a similar situation before

• Enthusiastic and possessing strong opinions

• Tolerant and cordial in demeanor.

• Compassionate and knowledgeable in the field

• Approachable and engaging in conversation

• Comforting and encouraging in nature

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