Few Tips to Improve Your Google SEO in 2021

There were a lot of changes in the search pattern in the previous year (2020) due to COVID-19 pandemic where the most used term is related to this new virus. The pandemic is still not over and many countries are now preparing for third wave of this virus.

The search engine still continues to dominate and it has almost 92% of the global market share. Nowadays, more and more people prefer to use their mobile phones for searching any product and services and this trend will continue to increase during coming years too. Nowadays organic search has become much more important than ever.

In Australia, a company called Australian Internet Advertising is in the business of developing various strategies for improving your Melbourne SEO however, at the same time it will also need your own dedication and commitment too.

In the present business scenario, without having any online strategy you will find yourself in danger. All the business companies having their website now realized that unless their website is ranked high on Google search, and their online sales can never match their expectations.

Those companies who have used the right strategy for Google SEO have till now reaped the rewards and they will still continue to do so even this year. If only many other businesses could foresee how important this search engine optimization can be in 2020, then they too could also get very good business in 2020.

Do we expect any changes in the pattern of Google search this year and how can they influence the ranking of your website? Here, in this article we will try to share a few tips for Google SEO that can help you to improve your ranking on the search results.

Some of the things may carry over from the year just gone while others will be effective for next few months. The main focus remains is to bring as many visitors to your website so that you can get more opportunity to convert your prospects as customer.

  1. Improve your SEO through a few core web vitals

Google will change the way they decide the quality of any website in this year. Therefore, you need to identify your core web vitals.

  1. Featured snippets for SEO strategy

On Google search a few special boxes called featured snippets, which are more important and comes from your website as Google try to match with the search phrase.

  1. Passage rankings of Google algorithm

Now Google tries to improve its algorithm for ranking by indexing your entire page and also individual passages. So, you need to organize content into sections, so that every section looks like a mini-website.

  1. EAT search engine optimization

Your Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness (EAT) along with your domain authority will decide the future of your SEO into 2021.

  1. Google SEO and also keyword intent

Your website keyword must not just be optimized by using your product as keyword but also the intent like whether the keyword used for general info or for buying.

  1. Favicon optimization

In mobile search results, Google also displays favicons, which can influence your rate of click-through whether they are high contrast, visible or not visible, etc.

  1. Breadcrumb optimization

In both search results, whether you use desktop or mobile, Google will display breadcrumbs. If it is keyword-rich breadcrumb, then it can affect your click-through rate.

  1. Meta descriptions

When Google is going to use your Meta description, then it will encourage only those clicks and act as the marketing copy for your site.

  1. Numbers in titles

If you also include a number, in titles then sometimes it will increase your click-through rate, however avoid including it deliberately if it does not make any sense.

  1. FAQ and how-to schema

By adding FAQ and also how-to schema in appropriate situations, you can increase clicks by even not increasing your Google ranking.

Now, you have to understand that the Google algorithm do not remain always the same and are likely to change time to time. Therefore, you need to be regularly updated with these changes to stay relevant. That is the reason the importance of hiring an expert on SEO strategy should be your top priority this year.

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