How To Choose the Door Knob Colors?

It is very important to choose the right doorknobs for exterior and interior doors. In fact, they are the essential parts of doors that are popular for their functionality. A gleaming, bright doorknob adds a touch of opulence to a modern room. In short, the better your doorknobs look, the more elegant your home decor will appear. For traditional interiors, antique doorknobs would be a perfect choice.

On the other hand, modern door knobs go well with contemporary settings. Knowing how different door knob colors work for your home interiors can help you make the right decision when choosing a doorknob color. There are so many sellers online where you can find doorknobs at competitive prices. Out of them, some are trustworthy and some are not.

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Door Thickness

The thickness of outside doors is usually greater than that of inner doors. To guarantee that the hardware can support the door, it is critical to accurately measure and give the door thickness. If your door is thicker or narrower than the hardware is designed for, a unique door kit may be necessary.

What to consider when choosing the doorknob colors?

Choose doorknob colors that contrast with the door and complement the room in which they’ll be installed. You must also keep the color of the rest of your home’s hardware in view when choosing the color. It is not necessary that the color of your doorknobs should match exactly with the color of the rest of your home’s hardware. But they should complement each other.

Experiment with different textures and colors. Doors with glossy finish, for example, would benefit from textured knobs. When it comes to the bright enamel doorknobs, they are known to add some Old-World flair to your home decor.

For White Doors

Gold is a classic doorknob option. It adds a traditional feel to rustic-style homes when applied to the white doors. This combination works well for modern-style houses too. The silver color is another popular choice for white doors. For modern homes, this color is a fantastic alternative to gold. The nicest part about silver and gold door knobs is that they are functional and long-lasting for both exterior and interior doors. For added durability, choose a polished or brushed finish.

Brass Colored Door Knobs

A Brass-colored doorknob is a classic choice, valued for its adaptability to a variety of settings. These brass-colored door knobs add a great luster and sparkle to modern decors.

Chrome, Steel, and Stain

These materials come in a number of silver-gray colors that go with a wide range of decors. Satin nickel finishing has a brilliant luster and is perfect for modern houses. Distressed nickel is perfect for traditional decors. Due to their brilliance, stainless steel and chrome are popular doorknob colors.











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