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How to select a competent plumber?

It can be tempting, depending on the urgency of your situation, to just grab a local directory or search online for anĀ Epping plumber.

It’s not always easy to find a plumber. If you do it wrong, you might end up with the same problem again, or worse, you may even have to deal with new problems.

These are some things to consider when selecting a plumber.

  • Always choose a qualified plumber.
  • If you are a handyman or a DIY enthusiast and have a basic plumbing issue, you may be able to fix it yourself. For all other issues, it is best to call a professional plumber.
  • You can ensure that you hire a qualified plumber by looking for them on trade associations’ websites or displaying the logos of trade associations on their ads.
  • These are the main trade associations that cover plumbers:
  • Association of Plumbing and Heating Contractors. They collaborate with the government, trade unions, and consumer organizations to ensure that their members meet certain standards.
  • Gas Safe Register. This is the official list of gas engineers who can safely and legally work on gas appliances. Gas engineers must be registered to perform work in the UK.
  • These trade associations expect members to adhere to minimum standards of safety, competency, and customer service.
  • These groups are unlikely to be affected by a plumber who is not registered.

Do you need a local plumber?

There are pros and cons to using a local plumber over a national one.

Here are some reasons why hiring a local plumber might make more sense.

Price. A local plumber is more flexible when it comes to pricing and will often take into consideration all aspects of the job. Larger plumbing companies generally have a fixed rate, which is usually less flexible for negotiation.

Reputation. A good plumber will not want their reputation damaged.While this doesn’t mean that larger companies are less likely to provide a great service, a negative review for a large company is more impactful than one for a local plumber.

Local businesses should be supported. This is more personal, but it is something you might feel is important for your city or town.

There are other reasons why you might prefer a national company.

Speed. Many people work for national companies, which can make it quicker to reach you in an emergency.

There is less risk. A national brand has a higher likelihood of having a strict hiring process and keeping its employees qualified.

Professional dispute resolution. Although plumbers are skilled and will do their best to complete every job as efficiently as possible, it might be easier to deal with larger companies if something goes wrong. If you need to resolve a problem directly, having dedicated customer service representatives is a great option. However, some disputes can take longer to resolve.

Your decision will ultimately come down to who can solve your problem fastest.

What should the cost of a plumber be?

Prices for plumbers can vary depending on where they are located, what the job entails, and when the plumber is called out (out-of-hours calls will often be more expensive).

There aren’t uniform charges in every industry. When it comes to skilled trades such as plumbing, you pay for the knowledge and skills, not the time. It is better to pay a top-rated expert and have the problem solved in 10 minutes than a cowboy who spends two hours trying to fix it.


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